Is it possible to interface a BeagleConnect Freedom with an Android phone using BLE?


I’m thinking about purchasing a BeagleConnect Freedom to get data from 2 Mikro boards (CO2 and Oximeter) sensors. My question is: will it be possible to send the data via Bluetooth to an Android phone and display it on an custom made App? If so, any hints on where to start?


It’s possible, but why Bluetooth, why custom App?

What about sending data over WLAN connection and display in an HTML-browser page. That works on Android as well as on any other OS.


I think that can work too, but I’m planning something like a Bluetooth heart rate monitor (e.g. Garmin).


OK, Garmin isn’t able to develop an universal solution.

But why do you want to copy that mistake?

I don’t want the user to disconnect from his current WiFi connection. I’m planning it for a home use.

OK, but where’s your problem?

  1. Install an html server on BBB (ie lighttpd)
  2. Make a website to read data (by fcgi module) and visualise in html
  3. Connect BBB to WiFi
  4. On WiFi browse to that website with Android phone (or PC/Laptop/Tablet/…)


That would work if the end user knew how to connect BeagleConnect Freedom to WiFi.

The end user has to know how to open a link in a browser (the html server on your BBB).

It’s your task to provide an fcgi module that reads data from BeagleConnect Freedom and sends them to the html server.

You need not develop multiple custom apps on BBB and Android. Instead just code a simple html website for visualisation and a small module on BBB to pass data from hardware to the server.


OK, I think I didn’t catch your point completely.
Do I neeed a BeagleBone Black (BBB), or similar, for interfacing with the BeagleConnect Freedom? Can’t the BeagleConnect Freedom work on their own?:

My point:
BeagleConnect Freedom (BLE communication) ↔ end user
BeagleConnect Freedom (WiFi comm) ↔ BBB (WiFI comm) ↔ end user


You didn’t post a link to your hardware. First I thought that the BeagleConnect Freedom is a board for the BBB-headers (that’s why I suggested the server on the BBB, sorry).

Now I found out (after self searching) that it’s a uC with WiFi hardware. You don’t need the BBB. Instead install any micropython HTML-server that provides the visualisation website.

But use HTML over WiFi instead of Bluetooth:

BeagleConnect Freedom (WiFi comm) ↔ end user (PC, Tablet, TV, SmartPhone, …)