Is it possible to program a cape's EEPROM from the BeagleBone board?

I’ve seen that every cape is supposed to hold an EEPROM for all the configurations of the cape, which is a great idea.

However, I could not find a clear answer (or am I blind?) on how to program those EEPROMs. Would it be possible to program a cape’s EEPROM via the “master”? That is, provided that the right pins of the EEPROM are set correctly (via jumper?) in order to switch them to programming mode? Or does this have to be accomplished with an external programmer of some kind?

Thank you in advance…


Hello Andreas,

As far as I could understand the eeprom capes behavior, it must have
at least a number which indicates which pinmux configuration must be

The detection must be done by adding this new cape on kernel code,
which will detect and perform the correct configuration.

Somebody corrects me if I'm wrong.

Best regards,


Just attach the cape, boot the system and program the EEPROM (I've been doing it this way all the time).

-- Bas