Is it possible to run TI-RTOS or any RTOS on beaglebone blue?

Since the processor on Blue is same as the one on Black, theoretically it should be possible. But I don’t see any JTAG pins on Blue and they are used in all the tutorials I came across for Black. I’m really unsure on if is at all possible to get it done with the USB interface, either on Blue or Black and if yes, what’s the procedure?. Has anyone ever tried this? I’m trying to get some hand-on experience with RTOS but getting a new hardware at current time just isn’t possible.

This has been asked in here. The RTOS docs list boards supported.
The TI EVM is supported always
RTOS have ASAP & BSP and yes jtag support is default.
Whether TI adds board’s is best asked in E2E forums


I seqrched the group and couldn’t find anything relevant. Also, when you say JTAG is enabled by default, so you mean it is available on BBBlue via USB interface? If ye it would be very surprising as I couldn’t find any material online. Could you please point meto the relevant resources?

Many Thanks,

What I meant is learning TI RTOS us typically done using CCS and loading via JTAG. So using a board without JTAG isn’t smart.

As far as your board I didn’t see it in the supported hardware doc’s you must dig deeper to find.

QNX and Free RTOS might support the board.

Any RTOS typically provide Architecture Support Package (ARM) and Board Support Package (Beaglbone) so assuming the processor is supported as it’s same also bad idea.
If you search group for RTOS you see others asking to use Beaglbone ( white or black or BBAI

As I mentioned it works on TI EVM hardware which is the am35xx I have one it’s $250 this group is beagleboard org hardware. The board support is different. TI RTOS lists 4 boards no mention of Beaglbone.

RTOS vendor test on specific board’s typically in TI RTOS official TI EVM boards.
Here’s Link

Board Support Package Engineers port BSP to customer hardware sometimes easy (your board) sometimes very hard ( custom hardware design’s)
I was BSP consultant I know This

RTOS vendor like Greenhills sell BSP packages.

Google group and see someone asking about BBAI won’t boot using TI RTOS

I’m not such a nice Guy :joy:

So I tell you you want to be a BSP porting Engineer or learn RTOS please dig deeper in RTOS docs or your never going to learn.

I’m amazed you didn’t Google TI RTOS Beaglbone in group and didn’t find supported hardware in RTOS docs TI documents are world class very thorough.Did you post this question in E2E forum?
They support TI products this group support

The Short answer is buy a TI EVM or find another RTOS (required ability to read docs supplied by vendor), Port RTOS BSP yourself or pay big $$ to someone to Port RTOS.

Learning RTOS can be done by watching wonderful Tutorial on TI site but after doing you will wish you had $$$ to buy the correct hardware.

Good Luck

For Ti-RTOS, you might want to start here.

This looks interesting:

There is a page for QNX on the Beagleboard site, but perhaps more specific for the BB Black or EVM. It could be possible to try it with the Blue, but I am not sure how they compare though.

There are JTAG pads on the back of the Blue so you would have to carefully solder headers to it and then use a JTAG programmer to load it. Again, all theory in my case since I have not attempted this with my dead Blue.



TI-RTOS SYS/BIOS Online Training - Introduction

TI-RTOS SYS/BIOS Online Training - Introduction

A video from Texas Instruments introducing SYS/BIOS.


Right looks like a black or white is best. A board with USB JTAG is cheaper as if $$$ are a problem the JTAG is $100+ the EVM supports JTAG over USB that’s why they support no soldering.

The Segger J-Link EDU Mini is only like $20US.

Make Sure Segger comes with .gel file for CCS and driver’s for CCS.

When you buy all TI products less head aches and better support as well adding the JTAG support to CCS. All this must be verified before buying.

More how quickly they suggest using their Segger IDE. That’s been my experience.:see_no_evil: Good luck building TI RTOS in anything besides CCS.
This is there high end JTAG as well.

Segger is an industry standard and if TI does not support it with CCS then I would suggest another MCU vendor.
There is this though:

Besides, CCS is just a TI version of Eclipse, so anything that can be done in CCS can be done in Eclipse. It may take some work to get the project set-up, but it is possible.

Hello Johnny

Three questions

Do You have experience with TI RTOS?Do you have experience building TI RTOS without CCS?
And lastly have you successfully used this $20 JTAG in CCS?

Do You have experience with TI RTOS?

Do you have experience building TI RTOS without CCS?

And lastly have you successfully used this $20 JTAG in CCS?
Not yet.

Hi Jonny,
Looking at that link from Segger it appears that they only support the cortex-M core devices from TI, so that wouldn’t help on a BBB.
The other factor that is important for some of us is that the Segger EDU emulators are explicitly for non-commercial use. If you are commercial use then you are looking at $400 which makes the TI emulators look like a bargain.

You must be reading a different Release note then I am reading.
This seems to show more than just cortex-m support.

Segger does lists the J-Link EDU Mini with full J-Link support though. There is also the $60 J-Link EDU which is basically the same as the Base without all the extra software.

However, the mini was just tossed out as a suggestion. Its up the individual to do the proper research to see what works best for their environment.



Right Ian and I’ve had trouble with Segger.
They work well for some IDE.
I don’t want people wasting Money like I did.
I’m very skeptical Johnny has gotten TI RTOS working on any Beaglbone it’s not supported.
And his claims that SYS BIOS( now TI RTOS) which uses autogenerated files compiles outside of CCS are dubious. If you stick with one vendor you won’t waste weeks of Time fighting tool’s. I agree :100: with your assessment. Perhaps I will send Johnny a $20 JTAG and ask him to share his BBAI TI RTOS projects online using this $20 JTAG :see_no_evil: with the group.

You asked, if I had experience with TI-RTOS and if I had experience with TI-RTOS with other IDEs and I answered yes to those. However, I have nothing to prove to you or anyone else for that matter that does not provide me with a paycheck. Believe what you want, I could not care less.

However, you don’t need an IDE to use any programmer, be it a Segger or other. But, then again you know all so I would expect you already have done this.

Good luck.


Hello Johnny

the original question was can TI RTOS work on the Beaglbone Blue. I’ve seen many asking about the BBAI as well. Perhaps you can share which Beaglbone board you have TI RTOS running on??

and what you used for JTAG so we can provide some help or support.

I’ve experience running TI RTOS SDK on TI EVM board myself .

I’ve seen you have a BBAI so please elaborate your hardware running TI RTOS for Original question asker please.

I’m curious myself. I’m just trying to avoid solutions for other’s that haven’t been verified.


Hello Preetek

Here’s the answer from TI E2E forum below.

For TI RTOS development, an emulator is typically required as the development environment usually uses CCS IDE and debug would require an emulator. Having said that you can load applications using a SD card and use printf to run and debug applications but this is quite an inefficient setup that will not provide as much insight in the debug.

To use as a starting point, I would recommend that you use the RTOS template app that we support for am335x-evm and then modify this to link to bbAM335x board library to modify for your platform.

I’ll summarize.

a board with JTAG to debug is recommended and you need a board library to Link to provided by CCS.

CCS has built in template for supported hardware like EVM. If your board has no template in CCS you need to modify one.

Perhaps play with CCS and RTOS SDK see what’s available for board’s they may have Added new board’s. Follow an RTOS tutorial.

If you don’t like wasting time you use JTAG listed in the tutorial doc and installation of tools documents.

Out of the box support is there for EVM what TI chooses to add for board libraries may vary.

In the past they may have Added every Beaglbone I don’t know.

I very much doubt the BBAI is supported but maybe I’m wrong and maybe modified template is easy depends on your background.

Poke around and see if you’re board has a library and pick a Beaglbone board with working JTAG otherwise soldering has minimal risk buying connectors etc etc.

As in my earlier comments a FTDI JTAG is quickest and best chances of working you plug in USB and go.

If costs $$$ are an issue: for board’s choose less modifications less risk same for JTAG. Or ask in forum about your unique setup.

Appears customer got BB black working but chose to not buy JTAG I don’t recommend.

Just IMO

Good Luck hopefully this helps

With suggest set-up you can have an RTOS app running in 5 minutes it sweet.