Is the Beagle board a good platform for learning embedded Linux?

Hi guys,

  I'm a computer engineering student who has some experience with
using 8 and 16 bit microcontrollers and programming them in assembly
and C, but no experience with Linux or embedded Linux.

  I am doing a project that requires wireless (like bluetooth) and a
small TFT LCD screen with good color and resolution (looking at 4.3"
420x272 24bpp). I'm interested in embedded linux for this project
because I want to take advantage of the open source software out there
for the GUI and the graphics applications I want to write for display
to the screen. question is do you think the Beagleboard would be good for
learning to use Linux and embedded Linux programming for graphics



The beagle board is perfect for this application. With the beagle board you have the expandability and usability of a normal production environment (full size keyboard, mouse, screen etc.) yet the package size and power requirements of a linux-based embedded product.

Good luck with the project!.

I am in the same boat as Bert. My embedded knowledge consists of
MSP430 and PIC. Is there any reading that may be helpful to begin
working with this? I notice a lot of people are talking about putting
Angstrom on the board, but I know nothing about linux. I was thinking
about picking up some sort of "embedded linux" book, but I am unsure
if it will be helpful.