Is the devicetree overlay fast enough to prevent hardware from being damaged?


below the compatibility matrix for capes regarding the
beaglebone black it was mentioned that the LCD7 A2 may be damaged,
if eMMC and HDMI are not disabled. This is done via uEnv.txt.

I did this and my LCD7 still is fine and running...

Now I want to try to get the LCD7 , the AUDIO cape and
the BBB run together. This will not work out of the box,
because there is pin clash for the LEDs of the AUDIO cape
and the pwm of the LCD7 backlight.

For me it would be the least complicate way to setup a
devicetree overlay, to free the pins from being used
by the audio LEDs.

But before trying this and possibly fry my LCD7, my BBB
or anything else:

Is this fast enough, to prevent any damage which result from
a short time of "misuse" of the pins until the overlay
get loaded and activated?

Thank you very much in advance for any help!
Best regards,

Gentoo Linux
Robert Nelsons Linux kernel 3.8.13 (current)