is there a build/image for beagle classic C4 that incorporates uEnv.txt?

i know about images for the xM that use uEnv.txt, but is there an
existing (and validated) build/image for the C4 that supports
uEnv.txt? am i just missing it? thanks.


Those same images will work fine with your C4; as long as you clear
out the nand environment variables so they don't get in the way and
flash the same MLO/u-boot.img used with your images for the xM into
the C4's nand.

Or if you just go into the c4's u-boot and issue.. "nand erase.chip"
then i'll bypass nand completely (as it's empty) and use the sd card
like the xM... :wink:


yes, i figured that out minutes after asking. grrrrr ...