Is there a "Smaller Footprint" LXQT Image for BB-X15 (preferably Jessie)?


Is there a 2GB LXQT (or LXDE) image available for the BB-X15 somewhere, preferably Debian 8.x or is it better to start with a console image, and add all of the X packages (maybe something like the following FLIR Lepton example)? We have only 4GB of eMMC and looks like we need Xinit, X11, Xserver, and a bunch of other stuff like mono and chromium for our application…

When trying to find a 2GB LXQT image, I looked in the following locations, and I apologize in advance if I missed something!!






So you can take the base image:

tar xf debian-8.10-lxqt-2gb-armhf-2018-02-01.tar.xz
cd debian-8.10-lxqt-2gb-armhf-2018-02-01/

sudo ./ --mmc /dev/sdX --dtb am57xx-beagle-x15

replacing /dev/sdX with your actual microSD adapter on your development pc..


Great! Thanks!

One thing I’m noticing on my 572xEVM-Rev a3 at work (which I don’t THINK I saw on my BB-X15 (?revC?) at home last-night is the following error message whenever I plug in an HDMI cable which is connected to a DELL monitor through an HDMI<->DVI adaptor:

[ 42.531433] omapdss error: HDMI I2C timeout reading EDID

But I can still see and use X-windows…

Also, I’m not sure what’s different about the BB-X15 vs. Debian base images, but that’s my job to hash through and then ask the TA questions during office hours…

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Note: This is a problem with my DVI monitor (and my lack of knowledge on the subject), not the image…

I’ve only seen the timeout error when I plug into my DVI monitor, not when plugging into HDMI monitors (and I’ve tried 2 of the latter thus far).

I think what’s going on with the timeout error (at a very high level) and from reading

is my DVI monitor isn’t able to provided the EDID information to the BB-X15 either due to protocol incompatibility or the monitor isn’t able to provide that information, period.

Granted, I haven’t tried any other DVI monitors which are known to provide EDID.

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