is there a summary of how to add usb0 awareness to a core-image-minimal?

for teaching purposes, i want to start with a core-image-minimal
with some fundamental functionality and have students build on top of
that, but one of the pieces i want is the automatic IP activation of

  obviously, that's already built into the angstrom distro that ships
with the BBB; i just want to extract only those parts that are
responsible for the usb0 net interface.

  from what i can see after a quick perusal, this involves one or more
connman-related packages being added to the build, plus setting
/etc/udhcpd.conf properly, and possibly more.

  is there a doc that covers this? all i'm after is what to modify in
a core-image-minimal built with meta-beagleboard that gives me that
auto-activation of usb0. thanks.