Is there any good documentation for CROSS_COMPILE development for BBB?

because the current stuff seems outdated.

I’ve looked at the TI docs.

I’ve looked at the docs.

Still can’t get the SD card working using the or pages. is broken, grep doesn’t work without modification.

once that is fixed, I get a bunch of errors creating symbolic links operation not permitted errors wrting root fs.

Also, beyond the simple (or should be simple…) how do you get Qt 4.8.5 working on the BBB? Anyone?

Please help. I’m so very frustrated. Ready to abandon BBB altogether.

Thank you in advance.

Why dont you start off by telling us exactly what it is that you’re trying to do. How much programming experience do you have. NOt trying to be a smart ass, but it does not sound like a whole lot.

Be verbose. . .

Will 4.8.2 cut it? :wink:

Just install debian wheezy and then "sudo apt-get install libqt4-core"..


I haven’t used Android much (although it worked as advertised when I did use it), but I’ve installed
several varieties of Linux on SD cards and they have all worked as expected; I’ve finally settled
on booting from an SD card and mounting the root file system via NFS as a development environment.

Honestly, the BBB is pretty standard linux; it might be worth installing eg: Ubuntu in a virtual environment
such as VirtualBox and messing around with that to get a feel for Linux systems.

Good luck - Will