Is there Beaglebone Black Guide for LED diagnostics?

Is there a guide for diagnosing Beaglebone black boot problems based on LEDs?

For instance, when I boot, I end up with 1 of 2 scenarios:

  1. user1 and user2 on solid.

  2. user0 beating faster than a normal heartbeat, and user1 beating intermittently.

I am booting Ubuntu 12.04 from microSD. It for weeks until now. Now I can’t ping, ssh, or http in.

Any help appreciated,

Hey did you find any solution to this? :smiley:

You must have, it’s been two years! hehe.


Hi Gerald,

I’m running Ubuntu 16.04 in my uSD card and I’m booting my BBB.
It used to behave normally, as in, the USER LEDs blink. Finally, after booting up, I used to get the heartbeat in USER LED0, and no lights on the others.

But now, I don’t know what I did, but I can’t connect to the board and after a lot of time after booting, the USER LED2 lights up dimly, and I get the heartbeat from LED0.
The board isn’t getting connected.

What did I do? How to fix this?

Flash using one of the official images to make sure everything is working fine.


Flash using one of the official images to make sure everything is working fine.


And then buy a serial debug cable. That’s what they are for. Troubleshooting . . .

oh ok! thanks. I’ll buy it!

Hey gerald, and william. I bought the serial cable and I got this:

can you figure out what’s wrong here?

What's the issue?

Your running 16.04, i need to tweak connman, so just:

sudo ifconfig -a
sudo dhclient eth0

and then you'll have internet..


no, I think the beaglebone black is connected via the serial port cable, not the usb. I want to connect to the BBB through the USB.

So, "YOU" need to configure the usb port to do that.

It's not a hardware default.

It's done in software, using the g_multi driver:

The magic is done in this script on bootup:


perfect, it worked, thanks! :slight_smile: