Is there support for Neopixel?

Hello! I am fairly new to beaglebone and all the things that can be done with it.

I recently purchased a neopixel ring light and I was wondering if there were any useful, up-to-date guides on how to drive it from the beaglebone black. I was able to use it easily with arduino, but I have not found a guide on how to use it with beaglebone black, and all the guides that had anything close to it seem to be very much out of date. (Believe me, I have tried following nearly every one that I could find and they do not work at all.)

If there is someone who knows anything about this, I would very much appreciate it :slight_smile:

At a guess from the timing requirements you would probably need to program a PRU to do the shifting.
I doubt you would manage it by bitbanging a GPIO line as it is probably done in an Arduino.

After a quick google I found this

But that hasn’t been updated for many years. You might be able to find others though

Aslo this

Given the age of both of these they will probably require some modifications to make them work.

Hi @benedict.hewson

I recommend the excellent PRU Cookbook.

Falcon Player ( ) supports the various ws281x LED’s (aka: neopixels). On the beagle, it can drive 48 strings (via the PRU’s) directly from the GPIO’s (level shifter recommended). There is also a newer way to drive 128 strings with shift registers.

Caveat: I sell capes for the Beagle specifically designed to do this: