Issue in beagle regarding WARNING: lib/kref.c


I have beagle running on linux 2.6.27 kernel taken from git from android porting on beagle wiki page.

I have booted the kernel and filesystem is my sdcard.
I copied busybox filesytem to sdcard.

now, i connected D-link WebCam to usb hub.

The webcam got detected.
It is claimed by gspca_ov519 driver and video device is created.

using v4l-info, its a v4l2 driver interface.

now, if i try video_capture example,
The dots are coming for short and then nasty kernel crash and its keep on running.

it says, WARNING : lib/kref.c and many things.

but video_capture program works on PC.

Thanks and Regards,


If i power off the beagle and then try the samething it works.

This comes 4/10 times.