Issue with debian boot

Hi everyone, I’m trying to boot my beaglebone black with debian, but in the second start up it shows a error like this

[51592.116701] libphy: PHY 4a101000.mdio:01 not found
[51592.121857] net eth0: phy 4a101000.mdio:01 not found on slave 1

Does anyone knows how to fix it? It’s only when I try to acces it with a monitor to get to desktop debian. SSH is still working normally. I flash it and it works fine the first time, then it starts showing up this message

Thanks in advance for any help


I get the same message from my Ubuntu installation, on the debug terminal.

I have no idea what it means, but after a few seconds to boob process continues normally.

So I have been ignoring it.

Maybe someone else on the list can shed some light ??

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I wish it was just a simple issue, but it doesn’t let me pass to debian desktop. Technically, BBB freezes here, I’ve waited even for half hour and nothing happens. Sometimes it repeats the same error again, but nothing else. I’ve seen this is somehow a common issue but I haven’t see any real solution for this, someone says it’s HDMI, others ethernet, but I’m not sure about this, because the board is disconnected from ethernet, and always happen on the second start up. Others say that this is a hardware problem but the thing is that why it doesn’t bother from the begining? All I can do is flash my board again but this is not a solution since I can’t be flashing my board every time I need to access to desktop.

Hope someone here knows how to solve this. Any help or feedback will be appreciated.