Issue with my beaglev

So got this beaglev board a few weeks ago. Day one I was able to connect it to my pc with.Raspberry pi debugger and using tio I could connect to it and see it boot up and was able to log into Linux. Connected it online. Used apt get to update it. Everything seemed fine. The next day when I booted it up it started showing some weird characters among the text. Eventually it became all weird characters and would never stop sending them. After a couple resets and reboots and such and now it doesn’t respond at all when I try to connect to it with the debugger and tio.

Anyone know what’s wrong? Is it soft bricked? How would I get it out of this state?

Thanks for any advice.

i use the same hardware for debugging my collection of boards… any errors on the host machine’s usb side? try a different usb port…

Very strange indeed…


i’ve seen things like that before, it’s usually been a loose ground connection.
take a look at the wires.

i faced the same issue, check the baud rate it should be 115200. this will solve the issue