Issue with wlan0 configuration at the boot time

Hi guys.
I use a beaglebone with an Wifi USB key with an Angstrom distribution.
The driver of the is already set on the board ( rtl8712u).
So now, with a good configuration of /etc/network /interface and wpa_supplicant.conf, I can confugure my Wifi network with /etc/init.d/networking restart.
But I need to launch this command all the time and I want configuration this at the boot time.
I try to use connman : wifi at true in a file and a file wifi.conf but still doesn’t work.
I try to create a script in systemd for launch this command after connman (with or without delay ) but still nothing.
I try to remove connman, but it’s the same.
Any have a idea or a solution please ?

did you try to write anything in /etc/default?
for example. ifup -a in a file netup in /etc/default.

I used Ubuntu 12.04 and looks it has better wireless support - can drive my wireless successfully and startup automatically.

I have last angstrom distribution, and when I removed conman, beaglebone couldn’t boot up anymore… :frowning:

It seems wifi on angstrom is really paint in the…

Just for info.


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