Issues loading capes

Not really sure where to go from here.

$uname -a
Linux tester 4.9.45-ti-r57 #1 SMP PREEMPT Fri Aug 25 22:58:38 UTC 2017 armv7l GNU/Linux

$ cat /etc/dogtag console Debian Image 2017-08-11

$ sudo sh -c “echo ‘BB-UART1’ > /sys/devices/platform/bone_capemgr/slots”
[ 80.994834] bone_capemgr bone_capemgr: slot #4: override
[ 81.012216] bone_capemgr bone_capemgr: slot #4: auto loading handled by U-Boot

Then that terminal hangs. I can still connect via another ssh or via console.

$ cat /sys/devices/platform/bone_capemgr/slots
0: ------ -1
1: ------ -1
2: —l-- -1
3: —l-- -1
4: --O— -1

I can try rebooting, but the reboot hangs with a stop job running timeout on capemgr.

Any thoughts/tips appreciated. I’m starting to lose my mind…


Hi Pete,

We moved to u-boot overlays, just way reliable then kernel overlays,
but you need to edit /boot/uEnv.txt


Thanks, I’ll check them out.

Just glancing at the doc now, I’m not immediately seeing to how to load while.runing a kernel, unload then reload an newer version. I’m sure it’ll become more obvious once my caffeine levels increase.

Thanks again.


Yeah we’ve given up on, loading, unloading, loading in kernel land. Too many race conditions… Everyone has pretty much given up, and the focus is doing it in UBoot.


Annoying for Testing Land, but I can appreciate.

It may seem like a long time but it’ll only add up to back of the envelope calculations a few minutes over a week.

Cheers again

Thank you for the explanation.

As a suggestion - perhaps you could add that to or somewhere? I just spent a rather frustrating day trying to get my capes to load via capemgr/slots on a fresh image and came here to ask the exact same question as Peter. Can’t say I found it obvious that this is no longer possible :slight_smile: