Issues with detecting usb devices like WiFi .

Hello everyone,

This is Subhadra Singh i am working with two beagle boards one is REV
B and other is REV C. I have created an image using Angstrom method
that is working fine with my REV B BBxM but when it is inserted in REV
C i am not able to detect some usb interfaced devices like WiFi dongle
and an Analog device sensor. Is there anything wrong with using the
same image for REV B & C or do i need to change something in the card.
Please help me out. Thanks in advance.


Subhadra Singh

If the image was made for the Rev C, it should work on Rev B. The polarity of the power control for the USB connectors was changed on the Rev C board. You can find that information in the System Reference Manual.


Thanks for your reply.
I got the fact But can you tell me how to make angstrom image
specifically for REV C.


Follow this link to create Angstrom image for Beagleboard-xm rev C

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