joydev in Ubuntu kernel 3.8.x

Hi, everyone! I try connect PS3 joystick to BBB. Automatically it doesn’t work. joydev module built-in kernel. I try manual connect , but failed. How I can connect usb joystick to BBB?

I don’t know if this will help but I got my xbox 360 wired controller to work with the BBB (and even ROS Hydro) running Ubuntu 13.04

What OS version are you on?

I have the same system Ubuntu 13.04 and ROS Hydro too :slight_smile:
I tried connect PS3 joystick used xboxdrv. But it doesn’t worked, although it should be as in manual.
Which kernel version do you have? uname -r
Could you show me this file /proc/config.gz? I just want to confirm it.


Thanks for answer, but I found solver. I connected joystick via bluetooth.