JTAG support using XDS100v3

Has anyone successfully tried a XDS100v3 JTAG board on the Beagle Board Black.

I have an Olimex XDS100v3 board that I hooked up to the under side of the BBB. If I read things correctly, the pin columns are reversed, ie: the ribbon cable has pin 1 on the top left, whereas the BBB has pin 1 on the top right.

I keep getting the following error:

Error connecting to the target:
(Error -183 @ 0x0)
The controller has detected a cable break far-from itself.
The user must connect the cable/pod to the target.
(Emulation package

I’m running CCS v5.4.0.00091.

I’d like to know if this combination is successful, or I have something connected wrong, or if someone can give me a better option.

Thanks in advance!

I have had people use the JTAG before successfully. Not sure about the reversal. I would think I would have heard that by now if there were an issue.

I will check. If it is reversed, it won’t be fixed anytime soon.


I just checked and pin-out is fine. Pin 1 is on the top left of the connector mounted to the back side of the board. Pin 1 is the pin closest to L2…


Ah! Thanks! My bad. I had it totally wrong. The silk screen was incomplete on that side and it looked like a 1! Craps almighty!

All works now. Thanks for the fast response.

Did the Olimex XDS100v3 end up working for download/debugging the BeagleBone Black?

Is this the recommended emulator to use?