JTAG to MSS for baremetal software development


I am having trouble connecting to the MSS with a Segger J-Link (via JTAG).

I have a FlashPro5 and I am able to successfully read device info with FPExpress when hooked up via the TC-2050 cable

I am aware that the TC-2050/JTAG pinout is for a FlashPro, and will not work with a J-Link without an adapter, so I created one.
FlashPro5 pinout:
Segger J-Link EDU mini pinout:

(I have verified this adapter by going pin for pin from my FlashPro5 to the adapter Arm JTAG header, then connecting the TC-2050 cable from Microsemi header to the board, and successfully read the device info via FPExpress once again)

Even with the adapter, I am unable to connect or even detect the MPFS when using JLinkExe
When connected to MPFS:

Example (connected to STM32F7):

Am I missing something? Has anyone else been able to JTAG with a J-Link successfully?