just fried my Beagle

Ugh, I just fried my Beagle! I'm applying for an RMA #, but just
wanted to get a guess of how bad it is.
It is in an embedded device, and I power it through the 5 V pin on the
J3 (expansion) connector.
I accidentally plugged the board in offset by one row of the
connector, so I think this means I had
+5 V power going into the 1.8 V pin on J3. To my amazement, when I
corrected the mistake, the
board booted up the Linux kernel, and I was able to log in from the
serial port. The USB host port
(P7) does not seem to work anymore. It is getting power to the port,
but doesn't seem to communicate.
U5 (TPS65950) seems to be running WAY hotter than before. Could I be
lucky and that is the only
part damaged? Any guesses on how much that would cost to repair?



Oh, just wanted to add it is a C3 version.


Well, do you have a place where you can frame it and display it somewhere?


So it is totalled? Ugh! That's not good news. I was hoping that
with so much of the
board still working it might be repairable for less than full cost.
If the OTG port
still works, then maybe it can still be used for development.


I remember the time I fried an expensive pc motherboard and all the more-expensive rdram in it. Rdram, or Rambus as it is also called, was really expensive at the time. I just about wept.


Been there done that!

In my case, I shorted the +5V with the adjacent pin for a split second
when a probe I was hooking up slipped. The board was fried.

It happens :slight_smile:

I probably take the cake then. My first ever video game gifted by my
brother ran out of batteries and at that time those button cells were
not easily available in the indian neighbourhood. So guess what, i had
become so desperate to finish the last few levels that i hooked up two
wires from the 240v ac wall outlet, since all i knew at that time was
that you had to have opposite polarities in the two sockets, and didnt
realize the mistake until i saw the smoke followed by sparks followed
by a short circuit. My first intro to electricity. :slight_smile: