KAPture disk image for Beagleboard available

Hi! Feel free to check out my Beagleboard disk image for the KAPture
application that I wrote. The image is basically the angstrom demo
image with additional installation of ruby 1.9, some necessary
utilties and my web application.

You will need a beagleboard, an sd card, a wlan adapter (or cabled
ethernet I guess) and a usb camera for this to work.

You will be able to control the camera by connecting with another
device (eg. iphone or laptop) using an adhoc WLAN.

Everything is setup and this should work right out of the box.


Is it possible to download just your application anywhere? Do you
have any set of features documented?

The site listed above is not one I can visit from my work computer,
but http://github.com/tallakt/kapture is. I was able to view some
information from my home computer. This is quite interesting. Thanks!

You can get all the files you need from http://github.com/tallakt/kapture

You'll also find some more info about the capabilities of the system.

An install script in the etc folder should help you install everything
from a working Angstrom installation with internet connection (perhaps
with a little manual help).