Kernel 3.12 and PWM_TEST

Hi all,

Yesterday I’ve compiled a 3.12 kernel and applied tha PREEMPT_RT patch on it. It seems to be working, but I’ve noted that pwm_test.c module was not included, so I’ve built it and loaded and everything seems to work, except that the overlay aren’t working now, because the common DTS file has seen the deletion of the “ocp”, I’m not a device tree superexpert, any advice on how to overcome this issue?

Should I merge back the old dts ocp {} or change the target = <&ocp>; from the bone_pwm*** files?

Any chance of you posting your build procedure? I’d like to try the build out.

I’ve not recorded it but I followed the instruction from

then I downloaded and applied the patch from

It seems to apply surprisingly clean even if this was not a vanilla kernel.

After that i’ve built pwm_test as a module out of tree.

(as a side note, I’ve reverted to the 3.8.13+xenomai and it seems to suit my needs…)