kernel 4.16.0-rc7-bone7 boot hangs

Robert -

I'm using a BeagleBone Black Rev C running Stretch IoT 2018-03-25 SD
card image. Kernel 4.16.0-rc2-bone3 boots OK.

I recently updated to the latest mainline rc kernel with:

/opt/scripts/tools/ --exp-kernel --bone-kernel

However, boot of 4.16.0-rc7-bone7 kernel hangs after "Starting kernel ..."

Full serial console output:

Any idea?


fyi - kernel 4.16.0-rc6-bone7 does work OK. It is just the
4.16.0-rc7-bone7 kernel that hangs.

This looks like a fun one..

First git bisect run, lead to a false positive.

Here goes run #2. :wink:


Okay got this sucker..

voodoo@hades:/opt/github/4.16.x/bb-kernel/KERNEL$ git bisect log
git bisect start
# good: [c698ca5278934c0ae32297a8725ced2e27585d7f] Linux 4.16-rc6
git bisect good c698ca5278934c0ae32297a8725ced2e27585d7f
# bad: [3eb2ce825ea1ad89d20f7a3b5780df850e4be274] Linux 4.16-rc7
git bisect bad 3eb2ce825ea1ad89d20f7a3b5780df850e4be274
# good: [40013ff20b1beed31184935fc0aea6a859d4d4ef] net: dsa: Fix
functional dsa-loop dependency on FIXED_PHY
git bisect good 40013ff20b1beed31184935fc0aea6a859d4d4ef
# bad: [9ec7ccc8f4f89843991cf692e89fc1fcbca85c83] Merge tag
'drm-fixes-for-v4.16-rc7' of
git bisect bad 9ec7ccc8f4f89843991cf692e89fc1fcbca85c83
# bad: [3215b9d57a2c75c4305a3956ca303d7004485200] Merge tag
'clk-fixes-for-linus' of
git bisect bad 3215b9d57a2c75c4305a3956ca303d7004485200
# good: [645102eac15eaeb3da79576a9f8816d6e66cec0d] Merge tag
'nfsd-4.16-1' of git://
git bisect good 645102eac15eaeb3da79576a9f8816d6e66cec0d
# bad: [49012d1bf5f78782d398adb984a080a88ba42965] clk: bcm2835: Fix
ana->maskX definitions
git bisect bad 49012d1bf5f78782d398adb984a080a88ba42965
# bad: [bd13c6cbd3c07f5d69a8b79b5b359c7d417d311a] Merge tag
'ti-clk-fixes-4.16' of into
git bisect bad bd13c6cbd3c07f5d69a8b79b5b359c7d417d311a
# good: [a88bb86d58ceb785d86db2b77a613a04ae2366f2] Merge tag
'clk-imx-fixes-4.16' of
git:// into
git bisect good a88bb86d58ceb785d86db2b77a613a04ae2366f2
# bad: [c083dc5f3738d394223baa0f90705397b0844acd] clk: ti: am33xx: add
set-rate-parent support for display clkctrl clock
git bisect bad c083dc5f3738d394223baa0f90705397b0844acd
# good: [49159a9dc3da83f17be00acbc7b2ab84ffec1aa7] clk: ti: clkctrl:
add support for CLK_SET_RATE_PARENT flag
git bisect good 49159a9dc3da83f17be00acbc7b2ab84ffec1aa7
# first bad commit: [c083dc5f3738d394223baa0f90705397b0844acd] clk:
ti: am33xx: add set-rate-parent support for display clkctrl clock

now boots, pushing out 4.16.0 final shortly..


Thanks, Robert.

I am able to boot 4.16.0-bone8 ok on BeagleBone Black.