Kernel crash logs on beaglebone.

I have a kernel module which is frequently crashing the kernel. Is there any way to capture the crash dump which i can use later to analyze the reason of crash.
On desktop based linux systems I have used kdump to capture the crash information and to later analyze it.
Is there a similar method available for Beaglebone. I am not sure whether i can install kdump tools on Beaglebone.


I am not quite sure what programming language you are using. gdb on Debian exists. If you are using C/C++ for commanding your applications, gdb can show what is happening when the kernel crashes due to the code.

I looked up some dumps that are made via gdb. Core dumps are available w/ gdb. See here: EECS 280: Unix Information

If you want to use kdump, .


P.S. The beaglebone black is a debian server w/ many ways to compute dumps like w/ regular systems but it is a SBC w/ open hardware attitudes. And by attitudes, I mean it has many different ways one can view Linux internals like w/ a “regular” system that is not ARM.


I found something. This seems to be the endpoint for it all: linux-image-$(uname -r)-dbg .

It cannot be installed so far on my end w/ the BBB. So, maybe not?

sudo dmesg | grep -i crash may help once you install things, i.e. crash. One more thing. If you are not using gdb b/c of language preference, see here: pdb — The Python Debugger — Python 3.11.1 documentation .

Thanks silver2row