Kernel modfication for LCD Screen

Hi all,

I have an LCD screen with an LVDS interface that I need to wire up to
the Beagle Board though I'm not planning on integrating the EDID stuff
at the moment. From various threads in this list, it seems that I have
to modify the kernel to make the screen work but no pointers to what
exactly needs to be done.

btw, I'm running the latest Angstrom demo image on a Rev. C2 board.

I entered the bootargs in the u-boot prompt following the brief
tutorial on how to get Angstrom running:

setenv bootargs 'console=ttyS2,115200n8 console=tty0 root=/dev/
mmcblk0p2 rw rootfstype=ext3 rootwait

Do I actually have to modify any registers to change the clock
frequency or is just interfacing the LCD panel and setting the
bootargs (without any changes to the kernel) enough to get my display


From what I've seen, you need to look at the signal names on the LCD
pad layout because they are out of order to get the layout to work.
That means custom wiring instead of just dropping in a ribbon cabled
connector. The other thing is that the Beagleboard LCD signals are
1.8V or something like that and will need level shifting to match what
your display signal levels are. After all that, then it's software
time and hopefully someone can point you to what's needed.


Thanks. I have the hardware figure out and I'm assembling it right
now. I just want to know
what I know what to do for the software...

ok, I saw the "I need to wire up.." part of your post and thought I
could help with that part. Glad you've got that licked and hope you'll
post what you did regarding the hardware connectivity and level
shifting. I do plan on addressing this one of these days.

I'll keep quiet now and watch to see if any of the kernel people
answer the questions on enabling the software interface side.


I'd love to post what I my schems but they include a great deal of
extraneous stuff
including a crypto chip that I've signed an NDA for...

I'll consider posting just what I did for the LCD part..

Can someone *please* tell me what needs to be done for the software?