Kernel Module access problem

Hi, I install kernel module named as ad7192 (adc driver) via modprobe.

After running “modprobe ad7192”, “lsmod” will give this output:

root@beaglebone:/var# lsmod
Module Size Used by
ad7192 5700 0
ad_sigma_delta 5105 1 ad7192
g_multi 50407 2
libcomposite 15028 1 g_multi
omap_rng 4062 0
mt7601Usta 458758 0

After that, I should run “mknode” command with major number in order to access the device from userspace.
At this point I can not find “major device number” of ad7192 driver.
How can I find the major number ? or How can I access this driver from userspace ?


I read that source but they selected <*> at menuconfig so driver built into the kernel. But I try to use “Loadable Kernel Module”.

If I look the given path at this website, there is no iio:device.

root@beaglebone:/sys/bus/iio/devices# ls

According to me, I should make device node with “mknode”.