kernel module compilation

hi all
i m currently running linux-2.6.32.rc6 mainline kernel on my
beagleboard and 2.6.24 based ubuntu-8.04 on the host side. i need to
test a simple kernel module such as hello.c on the beagleboard. but,
to compile on the host side i guess i need a kernel headers for the
2.6.32 kernel..
how can i get this??
i tried apt-get install kernel-headers-2.6.32-rc6 but failed
wat is correct commands to compile the kernel module so that i can
test successfully on the beagleboard??
kindly help..

If you've gotten the mainline 2.6.32-rc6 kernel up and running, why
can't you use the kernel source from to get the headers you


i m not getting fully wat u try to say.. will u please explain what
exactly should be done
to compile the kernel module against mainline 2.6.32

Well, in your original email, you were looking for the
"kernel-headers-2.6.32-rc6" ...

Where do you think they come from?

I bet if you look in:

You'd find exactly what you need.. (and more of course, since the
headers aren't split out for you..)