Kernel Source.

Hi Everyone:

   Time to show my ignorance. I'm trying to work another problem, but
in order to work that problem I need a newer kernel source tree
because new capabilities are in the newer kernels that are not in the
older kernels. I need to upgrade my source from Linux-2.6.32 to
Linux-2.6.39, or Linux3.0.4 ish. With and the normal git
routs broken. I've been getting my kernel sources from
I've found a few .config files for beagle and they compile and kinda
run. However things like the HDMI port are no longer driving signal to
my monitor. Where can I get kernel sources with /arch/arm/configs that
are known to work and issues like HDMI patched already, or at least
pre-patched and ready to accept any patches I might find? I think I'm
trying to re-create work that is already done, and to tell the truth,
I'm making things worse as I try to recurse down through the patch


Take a look at