Kernel Updates 4.4.x-ti

So over the weekend, if you are like me and regularly spy on git
repo's you may have noticed ti started a 4.4 branch..;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/ti-linux-4.4.y

Server is having issues at the moment: (503 - The load average on the
server is too high)

not a big deal as i have local mirror:

So today if you look at the kernel version file:

ABI:1 STABLE 3.14.55-ti-r78
ABI:1 TESTING 4.1.13-ti-r33
ABI:1 EXPERIMENTAL 4.4.0-rc1-ti-r1

and with machinekit's plan to use rt-preempt over xenomai going forward:

So... I'm stopping the "v3.14.x" builds (normal, rt, & xenomai), (the
git repo builds scripts will still be updated/working..)

4.1 (r34) -> moving to the "stable" slot (normal & rt)

while 4.4 will move from experimental -> testing (once it boots on
both the BeagleBone & BeagleBoard X15's)

Overlay's: (supporting both 4.1-ti & 4.4-ti kernels)

Remember with pull requests don't break 4.1 users! We can merge 4.4's
dt-bindings includes as needed.