KVM support on BBAI64


Is it possible to enable kvm in the kernel?

I running the following version:

$ sudo beagle-version
[sudo] password for debian:
dogtag:[BeagleBoard.org Debian Bullseye Minimal Image 2022-11-01]
bootloader:[/dev/mmcblk0boot0]:[tiboot3.bin]:[U-Boot SPL 2021.01-g8bafcf50 (Nov 10 2022 - 23:19:52 +0000)]
bootloader:[/dev/mmcblk0]:[/boot/firmware/tiboot3.bin]:[U-Boot SPL 2021.01-g8bafcf50 (Nov 10 2022 - 23:19:52 +0000)]
bootloader:[/dev/mmcblk0]:[/boot/firmware/tispl.bin]:[U-Boot SPL 2021.01-g8bafcf50 (Nov 10 2022 - 23:19:52 +0000)]
bootloader:[/dev/mmcblk0]:[/boot/firmware/u-boot.img]:[U-Boot 2021.01-g8bafcf50 (Nov 10 2022 - 23:19:52 +0000)]
UBOOT: Booted Device-Tree:[k3-j721e-beagleboneai64.dts]

There is no trace of kvm in dmesg. Can it be enabled?


Sorry, it’s currently disabled. I’ve been trying to get RT to work (which still doesn’t), but with v5.10.x-ti currently, it’s KVM or RT…

git clone -b ti-linux-arm64-5.10.y https://github.com/RobertCNelson/ti-linux-kernel-dev
cd ./ti-linux-kernel-dev

When menuconfig pops up enable virtualization…

Once the linux-image.deb" finish building, just copy it over and install it with “sudo dpkg -i linux-image*.deb” and reboot…


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My first attempt failed as I just enabled Virtualization in the top menu and missed that KVM was found in a sub-menu.

I could then successfully run firecracker on the bbai64 with good results:

root@ubuntu-fc-uvm:~# uname -a
Linux ubuntu-fc-uvm 4.14.174+ #14 SMP Mon Nov 23 20:44:24 UTC 2020 aarch64 aarch64 aarch64 GNU/Linux
root@ubuntu-fc-uvm:~# systemd-analyze
Startup finished in 339ms (kernel) + 1.205s (userspace) = 1.544s
graphical.target reached after 1.109s in userspace

Did i miss any of your tested config’s?

i’m just going to spit ‘RT’ out in it’s own custom build…


No, it looks exactly like my .config after enabling virtualization and KVM.