Latest Debian images for older (2GB eMMC) BeagleBone Black boards?

Hi folks,

I’ve dug out two old BeagleBone Black Rev A5A units from storage and want to get them up and running again with the latest headless (“iot”?) Debian release.

If I am not mistaken, the latest images are located here (Index of /rootfs/ and there is no 2GB version released. Predictably, the 4GB image fails if I try to write it to the on-board 2GB eMMC (all 4 LEDs blink after the cylon pattern).

Wondering if I can either tweak the 4GB image to make it fit into the 2GB eMMC or perhaps a 2GB image could be released (or it might already be out and located elsewhere) ?


What is the bullseye-minimal-armhf image missing for your needs?


Hi @RobertCNelson,

Problem exists between keyboard and chair… I got confused with “minimal” / “iot” labels and wrongly assumed that minimal meant it was not a headless image.

Thanks for the pointer.

This one is a Debian 10.3 that will run off the SD card, console only.