Latest image for pocket

Hi, just to confirm it, is the AM3358 Debian 10.3 2020-04-06 4GB SD IoT the latest image for pocketbeagle?

You can get later snapshots here:

Updated once a month…


So the latest minimal image for pocketbeagle would be this one : am335x-debian-11.5-minimal-armhf-2022-11-01-2gb.img.xz ?

As of today, yes… but in a month no…


I do some modifications to uboot and was using this guide that says to use v2022.04. Since we are now in november, should I use v2022.10?

Today stick with v2022.04, sorry haven’t ported our stack to v2022.07/v2022.10 yet…


thank you for the answer

Is there a specific ‘new’ feature in u-boot that you need? U-Boot for am335x has pretty much stabilized, so not much really changes for am335x specifically anymore…


Oh, due a error when projecting my pcb, I am using uart0 instead of the others ones, so I need to modify a few files from the uboot so I can change the console serial to another uart.