Latest images for 2Gb EMMC Beaglebone Black

I have an oldish BBB with 2Gb EMMC, is there a way to install the latest (July 2023) image on this or will I just have to use the microSD image?

… or would ‘sudo enable-beagle-flasher;sudo reboot’ work out that I have only 2Gb?

if you stick with a minimal install version, it should fit on 2G, but you if you are planning on installing a lot of other packages you will probably need to use an sd card

Yes, I know space is limited, what I’m asking is how to install from the latest image files as they’re all 4Gb one.

Sorry, talking rubbish, I’ve found the 2Gb images now. I don’t know what I was looking at before!

ok good, was pretty sure there are some 2G images somewhere