Latest kernel supported on beaglebone black.

Hello everyone, I am new to beaglebone. I want to know what is the latest kernel version supported on beaglebone black, and where to find the source tree for it? Furthermore is there any place where I can keep track of it doesn’t has no info about it (maybe I am wrong sorry!).

Build Info with latest supported kernel version

If you have the bone running try:
bone$ /opt/scripts/tools
bone$ sudo ./ --bone-kernel
[sudo] password for debian:
info: checking archive
2020-11-30 14:53:46 URL: [254/254] → “LATEST-omap-psp” [1]

If you feel like it, 5.9.x/5.10.x should be in good shape.. minus the
re-numbering of the eMMC node name.. So fun things happen on eMMC

5.8.x-bone is probably the most mainline tested verizon..