latest machinekit image isn't loading uio dtb

Using image:


while starting machinekit it just hangs in a wait loop for /sys/class/uio and listing it there is nothing created.

I checked uEnv.txt and it shows uncommented:

Xylotex board config Xylotex4Axis.ini has this and the pru_generic…bin was confirmed:
#PRUCODE=/usr/lib/linuxcnc/rt-preempt/pru_generic.bin pru=1 pru_period=25000 halname=hpg num_stepgens=4 num
CONFIG=pru=1 halname=hpg num_stepgens=4 num_pwmgens=1


I am working, well trying still, to get that image to boot w/ Machinekit and EmcApplication. Have you looked in the logs /var/log/ and type dmesg or journalctl -xe ?

I am having some complication so far as I have not tried to compile the EmcApplication w/ QEMU yet. But…I got the MachineKit-hal to work just fine w/ halrun and halcmd.

Um…upgrading to a newer kernel may prove useful too. I am currently trying plain, ole LinuxCNC for now.


P.S. W/ LCD Cape, I got it to work but in a server online, the LinuxCNC does not want to show up due to errors. Even if this does not help, please try to reply. I may think of other items of interest soon b/c of further testing.

In debian LTS-5_4 (20-05-18) there is no uio_pruss driver. See

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