Latest test image with SanCloud BeagleBone Black Enhanced (ethernet broken)

Hi all,
I am using the BeagleBone Enhanced from SanCloud and using it for several IOT related projects. We have used the stable March build with success but we just recently added the latest LCD touch display from NewHaven. In order to get that to work, we went to the latest test image (5/14/2017) from the WiKi. It seems the onboard Ethernet connection no longer works. The ‘eth0’ interface is recognized and is set up as a DHCP client. It sends the IP request out and the DHCP server responds. However, it appears the BBBe’s driver/firmware does not process the response. Using a static IP address doesn’t work nor does the latest console or LXQT images.

Any thoughts? I know this image is a test image and I saw a note that the SanCloud BBBe needs work and more testing. I am wondering if a work-around has been found.


Hi Paul,

Thanks Robert, as usual you are a star !

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Thanks, Robert. I will give that a shot. I appreciate all the effort you’ve put into this!