Latest VLC for Beagle Bone

Yeah, looks like VLC hasn’t been built for Angstrom since early last year (2011.03) [1] and that won’t work with the latest OE-core based versions (2012.05 and 2012.12).

The good news is it looks like the recipe is already in meta-oe [2]. Koen doesn’t build everything in the world and shove it into the feeds, so it might be as simple as him adding it. However, I don’t see that he’s built it recently [3], so my suggestion to you is to simply try to build it!

Instructions for building Angstrom are at [4]. You “should simply” need to invoke ‘bitbake vlc’.


[3] buildhistory/packages/armv7a-angstrom-linux-gnueabi at master · Angstrom-distribution/buildhistory · GitHub

VideoLan has recently released a new version of VLC, 2.0.4.

Guess I didn't specifically notice you calling out version 2.0.4. The
recipe seems to be for 1.1.11. What are your reasons for needing to
move to this updated version?