Launching node application taking long time

Launching a node js application with express js is taking about 2.2 seconds - and including other modules is boosting my time into 20 seconds. I would like my application to get running as quickly as possible after boot up - 20 seconds seems like a long time.

Any known ways to speed up node on the bbb? I’ve tried uglify - but haven’t gotten any benefit - I’ve also tried putting the node app in tmpfs and it’s the same time too.

You’re going to need to be specific, and tell us exactly what it is you’re doing.

My main application is deploying a node web service on the bbb. But as for my experiments all I’m doing is

var express = require(‘express’);
console.log(“Hello world”);

And I’m just timing the result from open to close - and it’s taking over two seconds. With this experiment it’s clear to see why my bigger application will take longer.

I’ve tried uglifying the code and I’ve tried running the code from ram - neither speed up execution.