LCD 15" and 17"


I'm new and I have a doubt. Can I use an LCD panel with backlight +
OMAP3530 or should I use an LCD controller?. I want to develop a
visualization application of some sensors to my factory and I have
several small LCD panels (15 "and 17") monitors with LCD controller
damaged. That price is the ARM processor?. Thank you.


The LCD controller is built into the OMAP3530 and is accessible via the DVI-D or the LCD headers. The LCD headers will require buffering of the signals to meet the requirements of your LCD, such as voltage level and pinout. For backlight control you can use a GPIO pin or a PWM signal from the expansion connector to control the backlight.


If your panel has a LVDS interface you can use a SN75LVDS83A/B to
connect it to the OMAP3530