LCD Capes on Debian 7.9


I am relatively new to GNU/Linux and BeagleBone Black (I have only learnt about SSH and Bash about a week ago). I have a 4.3" LCD Cape (4DCAPE-43T) as well as a 7" LCD Cape (4DCAPE-70T) which I am trying to get working with the Debian 7.9 image available from The LCD Capes work fine with the Debian 7.5 image (I have not yet tried the 7.8 image), but with 7.9 all I get is a cursor on a black screen. The cursor is responsive (follows touches), but nothing else is displayed on the screen. The calibration program also runs correctly on first boot by the way. I have also tried the 8.4 image but have not had any luck with it either. I have run apt-get update on 7.9 successfully, however this does not seem to have resolved anything.

Any advice will be appreciated, I am keen to learn! :slight_smile:

Thank You

For Jessie/8.4 read the readmeā€¦ (bottom)

Overlays are already installed.