LCD monitor with VGA cable for beagle board

Hi All,

  Recently I got beagle board and I dont have hdmi or DVI-D monitor. I
have LCD monitor with VGA interface. So can I direcly use dvi-D to VGA
cable for connection VGA monitor or any other way is advisable?

  Please suggest.

  Thanks in advance.

hi asif,

a converter from hdmi to VGA is available (very scarce) but we had tried and it did not work. so we had to buy a monitor with DVI.


The HDMI to VGA converter (the cheap ones) will not work. If I am not
wrong, they directly take the analog signals from DVI port and bring it
on the VGA connector.
The expensive ones (I think more than 200 USD) will work.
But, rather buy the DVI compatible monitor than buy the converter.


You can connect a VGA DAC to the LCD pins on the Rev C boards. This will
require a hardware design.
Or use the board that Gerald pointed out.

Good luck,

Hi all,

  Thanks a lot for suggestions.
Vasanth: How much a dvi monitor will cost? or cant we use simple TV
with s-video port for display?