LCD to LVDS driver board for BeagleBoard C4

I am working on BeagleBoard Rev. C4 and want the LCD expansion
interface to be used with an adapter board to connect to different
displays, such as RGB LCD panels and LVDS panels. Kindly provide me a

Thanks in advance

I suggest you search the discussion group and read up on all of the various solution that have been discussed, As you don’t say what LCD size or resolution you want, it is tough to figure out what you want. So, I suggest you get this one as the LCD solution.

As to LVDS, there isn’t one commercially available that I know of.

In the part description on the site it's mentioned as a 'Beagle PSP'
LCD. Does that mean that it's the 'SHARP LQ043' which is commonly
sold as a replacement part for the Sony PSP?

That is what it means.