LCD touchscreen in Ubuntu - Beagleboard

Hi all

       I am using devkit8000 - a clone of beagleboard. i have a 7Inch
LCD touch screen attached to it.
i installed the prebuilt ubuntu10.10 in my board. I could only boot
and work through the serial interface. How to interface the LCD
screen? i tried installing "xserver-xorg-input-tslib" "libts-bin" as
said in ,but nothing happened. My LCD is
not displaying anything. should i change the bootargs and how?
please guide me to get it working.


You should add a driver for 7" display. Setting dvimode to a required resolution is not enough. You can find my post in this mail-list with attached sources and manuals. But, unfortunately, I could not enable touchscreen, only LCD.

2010/10/17 senthil raja <>