lcd tv problem with latest ubuntu 11.04 demo image


I've installed Natty 11.04 demo image on my xM C beagleboard, and my
cheap LCD TV (Lenco, used for testing) can't display anything but 'not
supported' ...
Everything is fine on my 23" LCD monitor (AOC) with Natty.
If I boot with the angstrom image (provided with the beagleboard), the
display on the Lenco LCD TV is ok.

After days of googling, and tried every omapfb.mode settings, can this
be related to an overscan problem ?

Here is other threads related to the same problem :

Thanks for helping me.

Olivier Latignies

It's really hard to help with out more details... Specifically the
kernel versions that worked and the ones that don't.. "uname -a"..