LCD7 ADC pins available

Sorry for the silly question but I’m brand new to Beagle stuff and the wiki page left a bunch of stuff unsaid.

First - the LCD 7 pic and schematic show a mirror image of the BBB connections - am I right in assuming this is a cape connector that brings out all the BBB pins (except the ones used for the LCD of course)?

Second (and last) the touchscreen uses 4 ADC pins, are there any left and connected to the above mentioned cape connector? I have a project in mind that needs three ADC pins.

Whatever the schematic says is whatever is there.

ADC pins are tough. Seven pins appear on the expansion headers. However, if you use the four used by the LCD for touchscreen, it is tough to get the SW to break them out for use. You would have to rewrite the touchscreen driver to use them.

There is only one ADC on the processor. The seven pins are connected via an internal mux.


It may be easier for you to use a nice spi or I2C adc, spi will be faster

lots of choices out there for A to d

Actually I see it now. I mistook the map of “used” pins for total pins. Ain5-7 are free and I need three so it looks like game on.

Oh, I didn’t see any mention of the second set of connectors - you can stick additional capes there?

Yes you can.