LCD7 cape does nothing


What is the revision of your LCD7 Cape? Can you try the latest BeagleBone factory image 11-22-12 and see if it makes any difference? The image file can be downloaded at:

Instructions of how to write image file to SD card on a Windows machine are also provided on the same wiki page.

If you would like to return your cape for repairs/replacements, you should request an RMA first at After your RMA is approved, you will be provided with return instructions.


Hello Hieu!

Thanks for your prompt reply.

The LCD7 cape is revision A1. According to the instructions at, version 6.18 of Angstrom should work.

I will give the latest release of Angstrom a try and see what happens.

I bought the board from DigiKey, why should I get an RMA from beagleboardtoys?



Has anybody succeeded in getting the LCD7 cape to work with revision A6 of the BeagleBone?

I have a Beaglebone Rev A6 which works fine and I have been using for a couple of months w/o problems. I received my LCD7 cape Rev A1 a couple of days ago from DigiKey. Following the instructions in the Beagleboardtoys wiki did not work: the LCD is blank, no user LED and no backlight. The Reset and the Power switch do nothing. I am also using a 2 Amp. 5 volt supply. The Beaglebone attached to it however, boots fine and I can talk to it with minicom, screen and ssh.

I tried the Angstrom 6.18 and also the 11.22.12 as Hieu suggested, with same results.

I suspect I just got a bum cape and I have to go through the pain of getting an RMA from beagelboardtoys. This is something I do not understand, since I got it from DigiKey; I suspect I am going to be out of some serious money. I just want to get a 7”cape that works.

I have attached the boot sequence in case it reveals something that I am not able to see.

Any help to determine if the board is working or not will be greatly appreciated.



Angstrom 11.22.12 Boot.txt (3.58 KB)