LCDs and HDMI/DP and aarch64


I working out of this repo. online: GitHub - lcdwiki/LCD-show-ubuntu: 3.2" 3.5" 5.0" 7.0" TFT LCD Ubuntu driver for the Raspberry PI and PI 2 and PI 3

It is some sort of Ubuntu distro driver for a RPi but some of the ideas seem to have 64-bit arch available…

If you purchased one of these LCDs w/ the firmware/dtb source not working, okay. I am in the same boat. Anyway, is the link to their supplies for HDMI LCDs.

There is some evidence that they can work w/ specific Distros and/or aarch64.

I opened an issue on github as silver2row to see if anyone has gotten the 7C display to work so far.


P.S. So, until it is completed and working, I suggest not trying to get the BBAI-64 and these specific LCDs plug-and-play. I will try to dedicate some time to this cause.

I forgot to mention, I am using this cable: 3ft HDMI to Mini DisplayPort Cable 4K - HDMI & DVI Display Adapters |

If you have used this one, please send guidance!

I’m currently using several monitors via miniDP to HDMI, including a 15″ portable monitor and a 7″, 5″, and 4.3″ (800x480).

Do I still need a monitor driver when using HDMI?
All of my HDMI-enabled monitors worked fine with the miniDP to HDMI cable.


I think just for the monitors I have listed does one need a driver. At least for now, I have been unable to use the monitor listed w/ the cable listed.