Leopard Imaging 2M camera module with BeagleBoard xM

Hello All,

After buying the BeagleBoard xM and Leopard Imaging 2M camera module, I digged into the BeagleBoard as well as Leopard Imaging group discussions to find a proper documentation on how to connect these modules to the BB xM but couldn’t fine any.

Has anybody got the pair working yet (BB xM and 2M camera module), if yes please direct me to steps we need to take to get the camera module working with the BeagleBoard xM.

FYI, I am using Angstrom (installed following the steps on code.google.com BB page) on my BeagleBoard xM and I want to use OpenCV to access video from the camera module, the board is physically connected to the board and is alive (as I can see the powered on led).
Following are outputs of few commands that I tested to see device connectivity ( I am not sure if this is the correct way)

$ dmesg | grep tty

Thanks in advance.