Leopard vga camera LBCMVGA

I am attempting to get the Leopard vga camera LBCMVGA working on a Beagleboard XM. From reading the posts it appears that the default u-boot camera environment variable is set to the 3M camera, so I changed this to lbcmvga. Now I get the following message on boot up:

[ 0.000000] Beagle cameraboard: registering i2c2 bus for lbcmvga

But I still have no /dev/video0 device.

Are there any other steps I need to take in order to access this camera?

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You’ll perhaps need to manually insert the module (.ko file) with insmod.

The module should be something like MT9V113.ko (mt9v113 is the Aptina sensor in that Leopard camera).

Which version of the kernel are you using? The LeopardBoard cameras are not compatible with the 3.x kernels.

Good point!
I have been experimenting with several kernel versions but the one that works (currently) with the LBCMVGA is 2.6.8 (default BBXM kernel).
Is that true what you said: Leopard cameras will simply never work with 3.x kernels? Can the driver be rebuilt? I wonder if it’s an i2c initialization issue?

A colleague at my company is working through some Aptina build instructions with the 3.1.2 kernel but having no luck so far.
Finally got a driver error and seven non-functional /dev/videos! That’s currently what we call progress.